Playing Tux

Apparently my grand-daughters class was asked by the teacher last week if they know any cool counting games on the internet Chloe stuck her hand up and said Tux!, what she really meant was Gcompris but Chloe just calls it “Tux”, The teacher asked her what Tux was and Chloe wasn’t really able to tell her except that Tux was a penguin

the point is that Chloe is probably the only child in that classroom who’s ever used gcompris or know who Tux is which makes her special (well she’s special anyway) but it’s such a shame because I think Gcompris is a Linux classic and a great and fun way for children to learn at home and at school, Chloe’s had hours of fun with it and it’s helped her with her learning at the same time and other children could benefit the same way if the world wasn’t so hooked on Windows

just my tuppence worth


Tell her I’m impressed … spreading the word at such a young age :slight_smile:

You do know you can get Gcompris fror Windows and OS X too:

Direct download for Windows:

The Windows and MacOSX versions have a limited number of activities, about 84 on the 144 available … the rest you can get for a 9 euro’s

The Linux version, you get the lot free. :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing that to my attention Graeme, will download and try it out on the younger grandchildren, looks like it might keep them occupied for a while and maybe keep them quiet, too!

Thanks, Degsy

gcompris should be in your default repos … install it through your package manager(s).

If you’re using Peppermint 4, we’ve even put together a “peppermint-kids-edutainment-pack” metapackage, that installs gcompris and some other stuff

A collection of applications the Peppermint OS team has found both educational and entertaining for young children. Included are the gCompris and ChildsPlay edutainment suites containing hundreds of activities for young children such as memory games, puzzles, math and spelling games, etc. - TuxMath, a math based arcade game - TuxType, an educational arcade style typing tutorial game starring Tux the Penguin - TuxPaint, a fun and easy to use simple drawing/painting program for young children - MathWar, that teaches kids (and adults) how to respond quickly to simple math problems in addition, subtraction, and multiplicaion using flash cards and timers - Anagramarama, find as many words as possible in the time available. Get the longest word and advance to the next level - Scratch, an easy, interactive, collaborative programming environment designed for creation of interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art and sharing these on the web.

To install the whole lot in one go (will only work in Peppermint 4), run:

sudo apt-get install peppermint-kids-edutainment-pack

or look in the Software Manager > Featured section.

Thanks for that, makes it even easier to sort out for the kids.


My Daughter is 5 and plays it a lot as well , but as some may now i been trying to find a linux to run on a portege laptop / tablet but for now i have put xp tablet back on and dual booted pc linux at the mo for her she seems ok with switching between the 2 os

but now she can use it on windows and linux she be the happiest little girl in the town and probly the only one with it :slight_smile:

thanks mark for the link 8)

You’re most welcome … I love seeing young kids being fascinated by computers … even if it’s Windows :slight_smile:

I love Tux- play him on my Mint netbook!