please help! acer zg5 firefox

FireFox 2 was installed but I’ve managed to hide it by accident while I wad trying to upgrade to FireFox 7, and can’t manage to make it work again. If I click to go onto internet it says could not run command, failed to execute child process.
Any ideas as to how to fix it?

In the short term, (if you haven’t uninstalled Firefox 2) you should be able to run Firefox 2 by opening a terminal and running:


OK now let’s try fixing Firefox 7.0.1

Did you follow the instructions on THIS forum:
or did you get them from elsewhere ?

Can you open a terminal and run the following commands, and post back the output from each of them.



ls -a /opt


ls -a /opt/firefox


ls -al /usr/bin/firefox


ls -al ~/firefox-7.0.tar.bz2

Hi, it was from post on here, but its first time using Linux.
The desktop still there.
1st command took to yahoo page
2nd to Adobe FireFox gkxdatacard (written in blue)
3rd was a bit scary and brought up a load of writing, can’t figure out how to copy and paste.
4th and 5th both said no such file or directory

Really confused. Have I broken it?

this is what thed 3rd co9mmand put out

[user@localhost ~]$ ls -a /opt/firefox
. libfreebl3.chk
… mozilla-xremote-client
application.ini omni.jar
blocklist.xml platform.ini
chrome plugin-container
chrome.manifest plugins
components precomplete
crashreporter libnssdbm3.chk README.txt
crashreporter.ini removed-files
defaults searchplugins
dependentlibs.list Throbber-small.gif
extensions update.locale
firefox libsoftokn3.chk updater
firefox-bin updater.ini

can you confirm that:


run in a terminal, opens firefox 7.0.1

Hi, yes, it takes me straight to homepage. Really not sure what I’ve done for it to not let me go on the internet normally

It runs 7.0.1 using the command

OK, it appears that the symlink never got created … open a terminal and run:

sudo ln -vfs /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

This is what I expect to be returned from the last command:

`/usr/bin/firefox' -> `/opt/firefox/firefox'
if you get anything else, let me know what it is.

Now test if your desktop shortcut works.


Probably best to copy/paste that command, then also visually check it before running it, as it has to be EXACT.

Yay, you fixed it. You are a genius! Thank you so much for your help.

No problem … don’t forget to update the flash player :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to how:

Will do it now, thank you again

If I were you, I’d give serious consideration to ditching Linpus Lite in favour of PeppermintOS (Two)

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There’s a tutorial and reasons why you should here: