Please help! My Flash is gone and I don't know how to download it

Hey Linux folks. I have a netbook which has Mint on it. I was watching bbc iplayer and the programme was in HD and was way slow so I went to the package manager and did some updates and now I am told to update my adobe flash but I don’t know how to…I don’t know what I’ve done! If anyone can help me get flash up and running I’d be so grateful- nothing from iplayer works now nor you tube.

Can you open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall adobe-flashplugin

Be awsare you will be prompted for your password, and whilst entering your password nothing will be echoed to screen … not even ******, but it is going in so just type your passwor4d and hit enter.

Once you’ve successfully run that command … close ALL web browsers … now reopen your web browser and see if flash works.

Hey Mark, thanks for replying so fast! Good news is I got it working again…I looked around the forum and found an old post which advised someone to find it in the package manager- It took me two attempts to select it and I had to restart the netbook but it works again!! And even the HD on bbc is running normally now. My flash must have been out of date. I am used to installing programmes on microsoft so taking me awhile to get used to Linux in this respect. I’ve had this Linux netbook since last February. I do prefer it as a system it’s just a bit tricky for me adding new programmes. I’m not great on that side of things. But what an awesome system Linux is though- the programmes I have compared with shonky old microsoft! I suppose when I went to the software updates it missed adobe for some reason.
I am so relived as I am a you tube addict!

Heh :slight_smile: … you’ll soon get used to installing applications through the package manager rather than looking for them online … then you’ll find it easier than Windows.

In any case, you now know where to find help :slight_smile:

Oh, and well done for figuring it out yourself.

Thanks Mark. When my Mum got me this netbook ( a bargain at a cash converter’s shop)- we chose it together- it already had Ubuntu preloaded on it. That was a little different to Mint- I know some Linux guys in town and one of them put Mint on this for me. What I was also wondering is- if you download a few progs from the package manager but then want to remove them how do you do that? I can do one singly but not as a group if you know what I mean. I saw that you could look in the history to see when you last added programmes but there isn’t a general unistall thing like Microsoft. There you can see what you just installed.

I can’t rememer the exact layout of the mint package manager (mint-install), but if memory serves, if you click “View” you can choose to view:-

Available packages
Installed Packages

If you remove the tick from “Available Packages” it should ONLY display the packages you have installed.

Is that what you mean ?

Yes sort of, but it seems to include all of them not the ones I would have just installed. I was only wondering for future reference. Anyway i can ask the Linux guy I know who is a Mint enthusiast! What are you using then? Ubuntu?

PeppermintOS … it’s MUCH better suited to a netbook that the full blown Mint/Ubuntu … much lighter/faster, but with easy access to the same software :slight_smile:

Oh I will ask the Linux group about that next time I go!

I would if I were you … but then everyone has their own favourite.

Here’s a link

If they’re unsure what Peppermint is … tell them it’s a fork of Lubuntu, but better :wink:

Anywho … I’m off to bed, but if you ever need help, I’m pretty much always on here … G’night.