Please help with Virtual box

Hello. I’m new to Linux so please answer as simple as possible.
I need windows 7 to run very specific program. At the moment my laptop’s OS is Linux. I have downloaded with qbittorrent W7 but Virtualbox said : Fatal: no bootable medium found. how to move W7 from Downloads to Virtualbox and run it?
could anyone tell me how to access Windows 7 please?

Open Virtualbox

Click “New


Name: Windows 7 VM
Type: Microsoft Windows
Version: Windows 7 (nnbit)

Click “Next

Give the VM as much memory as you wish … but be sure to leave enough for your Linux system too.

Click Next > Create > Next > Next > Create

Now click the “Windows 7 VM” in the list on the left-hand side of Virtualbox Manager (to highlight it) … and whilst it’s highlighted, click the “Start” button.

In the “Select start-up disk” window, click the little folder icon … you should be presented with a “please choose a virtual optical disk” dialog … point it at the Win7.iso you downloaded via torrent, and click “Open”.

The windows installations should start.

Or take a peek at “virt-manager” … ;D

[quote author=Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec) link=topic=12633.msg103377#msg103377 date=1447081676]

Name: Windows 7 VM
Type: Microsoft Windows
Version: Windows 7 (nnbit)

Click “Next

When I got there:
Virtualbox said : Fatal: no bootable medium found

What should I do? Does it mean that something is wrong with torrent?
Do u know where could I download torrent with W7?

Virtualbox shouldn’t have even asked for the ISO image by the time that “Next” you’ve highlighted in your response was presented :o

Maybe you can host a screenshot at
and post a link back here … so we can see when exactly you’re getting the error (?)

I can provide a link to where you can still get the “DigitalRiver” official Microsoft Win7 ISO’s (and checksums) … but you’ll require a valid Win7 license/key to use them:
(if you haven’t got a valid licence/key … please don’t ask on this forum for help with piracy … in fact probably not a great idea to ask for Windows support on a Linux forum at all ;))