Please I really need your help

Hi everybody
I have a huge problem I’m a uni student and i need some help with my retake assignment
now I’ve tried and tried and tried but i just keep messing up some where, i just registered here
in the hopes that some could help me. Below are the tasks that I have to do and i must let you
know that i am a total noob with linux but am willing to accept any criticism and advice and help.
I just don’t know where to start and what to look for, this assignment has to be in by monday 1st aug 2011.
Ive tried to look and read but i just don’t understand and i have come here as a last resort
(yes im begging for help)

The task set is:

Monitoring a GNU/Linux system for changes:

For this referral assignment you are required to show how you might monitor important
system directories in a GNU/Linux operating system for any changes in files or directories.
Marks will be given as follows:

A) Provide an outline of which directories and files that you consider should be
monitored for changes along with an indication of which changes you would monitor
and how you would monitor them. (up to 20%)

B) Provide a summary of available tools and utilities, both open source and
commercial, that would help with this task. Your summary should include an
indication of cost, complexity in use and complexity in setup. (up to 30%)

C) Develop a script or program that will implement at least some of the functionality
required to support your analysis from (A). This script should keep a log of any
changes found. The script or program can be written in C, PERL, shell script or any
other language that will execute on a GNU/Linux system. (up to 50%)

Please please please help

Jeez, talk about last minute :wink: … Start reading up on inotify , inotify-tools , pyinotify and maybe iwatch now.

Can’t help much with commercial tools… but there is bound to be something out there… try Googling Linux file system monitor

There are scripts that use inotify available online… again, Google inotify script

ohhhhh sweet thanks buddy, just one more question, which files/directories would or should be monitored for any changes.
thanks again buddy really appreciate it.

That’s a very broad question, and would really depend on what the system is being used for, what you think is vulnerable, and/or what you want the info for.

But this will give you a rough idea of what’s stored where: