Poster design software

I need some suggestions on software that I could use to design a poster. The poster itself will be something like A1 or maybe A0, and will be formed of several rectangle JPG images, which will be locked to a 6x5 grid. So, nothing complicated, but I was hoping that there might be some software that would sort the grid out for me to save messing about with a ruler on screen?

The only thing I’ve come across before is the Windows printing software you get with some printers, that will put several images on one sheet. Problem is, they’re designed for A4, not poster size!

I think there is a programme, Posterize ?

So you’re after a photo stitcher ?

How about hugin (in the Ubuntu repos):

or am I misunderstanding you ?

In Shotwellf navigate to the folder where the pictures are located, then use shift+click to highlight the photos you want to use.
Then go to Menu->File->Print select printer (cups PDF in my case), Page Setup Tab → Paper Size, Select A1.
Then Image Settings Tab → Autosize → Number of Images per Page (set it to correspond to the number you previously selected) then either Print or Preview. That is how I do it.

Thanks all, Sezo’s suggestion sounds like it could be on the money, I’ll check it out (and the rest) probably tonight. I can’t output myself to A1 (!!!), I’ll look to print to PDF or just save as JPG or something I can put on a CD/USB, which I could pass to a printer

Why not try Scribus!

Scribus looks a little hardcore for me, a lot of complexity!

Haven’t had much of a chance to play around but installed Shotwell and it seems pretty easy to use. On a semi-related note, can anyone recommend a simple image editor? The only one installed at the moment is GIMP, and that’s just silly. I looked at a couple (top of Software Manager), but they all weren’t as simple to use as MS Paint. Is there a “clone” (like Open/Libreoffice is to MS Office)?

i suggest gimp

Chem, Scribus is easy… I can use it.
Just takes 5 - 10 mins to play around with it to get used to it. I created my sig banner with it.

I second sallyjoshua, use GIMP.

chemicalfan only wants to collect the images to one page for printing purposes. :slight_smile:

How about lots of A4 prints and a stapler/sticky tape … then just put the finished article a long way away, or squint ?

or in other words … do it in hardware, not software :slight_smile:

Haha, oldschool! I can do A3, but I’d really rather not have a patchwork quilt on the wall! :stuck_out_tongue:

GIMP is silly, got to grips with it a little bit better last night, but it’s still massively complex compared to MS Paint, and sometimes that’s all you want/need. I’m just surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a simple little program, I’d expect there to be one pre-installed to be honest! Not good for the Windows converts, Paint is staple Windows program :frowning:

Really … I’ve never really taken much notice of it (beyond the 2 minutes it got played with in Win95) … don’t know anyone else that uses it either :o

It may be overkill, but doesn’t Paint run in WINE ?

Rated as “Platinum” in the WNE AppDB … apparently everything works including printing:

You could try Pinta if you do not mind the mono dependencies. :wink:
And there is mtPaint, to name some

Maybe I’m thinking about the workflow wrong, but MS Paint is great for simply pasting the clipboard contents into and saving as JPG, or real simple editing like cropping or moving elements around, maybe simple touch-up stuff (like pixel editing). Yeah, GIMP can do that (it can do it all!), but it’s all much more complicated from a UI perspective.

I’ve tried Pinta, and it still is overly complicated compared to Paint. I’ll check out the other one though :slight_smile:

P.S. Don’t like Wine, it feels like the “lazy way out” :wink:

GIMP is great once you get the hang of the UI … I use it for EVERYTHING graphical now, though it does come with a large trunk full of idiosyncrasies you need to get your head around :o