Preloaded Linux laptops?

Are there any laptops available with Linux preloaded? I’m looking to buy a new laptop for Xmas for my daughter and, have been looking at Chromebook. But I would prefer Linux OS. If it’s possible to get a laptop with Linux is it worth the price?


Is that brand new or just new to you?
I’d be tempted to buy something like this

or this

and either dual boot, replace windoze completely or get another hdd (for your Linux install) and keep the windoze one just in case.

Can’t find anyone doing Linux preinstalled over here anymore …

Novatech do laptops with an option of no OS … so you could save yourself about £80 over the same model with Win8.1 … then bung Linux on yourself:

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions, I’ll take a look at these today.

Novatech are a great firm, but they’re not that cheap :frowning:
It might not be the £80 saving you’re expecting, might only be ~£30

I agree with Galaxy - if you’d accept second-hand, you’ll get a much more powerful product for the price, and you can just wipe Windows off of it when it arrives. Although it does defeat the point of “pre-installed”, lol

Thanks Chemicalfan I’ll bear that in mind.

I’m not averse to second hand so long as it’s in very good condition, just because it will be a gift.

The reason I asked about pre-installed was only because I begrudge paying for windows. It just really pees me off! Likewise apple products, I refuse to buy them. I’d rather go without! :wink:

Haha, you and me both!

If you have access to your own car, I’d suggest Gumtree or eBay (look for local sales), and inspect them before parting with cash. As you’re doing a full wipe-and-replace with Linux, installation will be a piece of cake (assuming Ubuntu-based such as Mint or Peppermint or even Ubuntu itself)

Depending on your budget, you could go for the Zoostorm (sans OS)

Processor Intel Core i3-4000M CPU 2.4GHz Cache: 3MB Memory 12GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM Supports up to 16GB 2 x DIMM sockets (used) Hard Drive 1TB 2.5" SATA HDD Optical Drive DVDRW Software No Operating System included

You could also try Linux Emporium with pre-installed Ubuntu.

All laptops now come with Ubuntu Tasty Tahr (14.04) by default. However other versions and distributions can be installed if you prefer. Contact us if you'd prefer something different installed.

Look at

Thanks everyone. Will check out all of these suggestions. :slight_smile:

I bought my wife an HP G1 Laptop ( I think ) in March this year 2014 which was preinstalled with Ubuntu. It cost about £220 from

I’m sad to say that she would only work on Windows 7 so I had to put that on.


Hi Lee, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Tell me about it … I cannot shift my missus off Windows either even though I’m the one that has to keep fixing it, and to make matters worse she’s discovered teamviewer so I’m now all her fekbook friends free tech support too :o

Just block the port on the router :smiley:

If only it were that easy … that’d just become something else I needed to fix.

Thanks for the welcome Mark. Yes I have tried for years to get her off Windows but she’s not having it. She will only consider Apple if she were to change but they are way overpriced, and draconian.

Ugh, Apple are worse than Microsoft

Pretty much the same aren’t they? They both use bully boy tactics. ;D

Step awaaaayyy from the shiney … my precioussssss :slight_smile:

I had a similar issue with my wife when I told her I was moving our pc over to Linux. She said she’d buy herself a laptop with Windows on and use that and I said, “Fine - as long as you’re prepared to do the maintenance and upkeep yourself, then go ahead!” It went quiet for a bit…

Upshot - nearly 3 years in with Mint 17 on the pc, Zorin on my laptop and Peppermint 5 on her netbook and she’s as happy as Larry!

Truth is she can’t tell an o/s from a conker but that doesn’t matter - as long as she can do her surfing, letter writing and banking and she’s safe online then she’s fine! And, my workload is reduced to a minimum - no more worrying over virus threats and vulnerabilities or BSOD’s :wink:

Happy days ;D


I have to say:-

on one level sounds rather pleasant, but on another scares the bejeezus outa me :o