Principal Engineer - (3 Roles) Cambridge, UK

Principal Engineer - Job Code 1350

We are hiring a Principal Engineers focusing on Runtime Optimizations, who will focus in profiling the performance of the LAMP-based platform and will identify the key components for optimization.

PHP, Perl, Python and scripting languages
JAVA, OpenJDK and JITting in general
ARM and x86 assembly language, NEON SIMD
performance analysis through advanced profiling and analysis tools
proactive initiative towards proposing new KPI for monitoring
identifying or developing new tools to stress the platform
building Ubuntu and Fedora enterprise images
knowledge of OpenStack and cloud services
git and patch submission
well known in the open source communities

Salary is commensurate with experience. We hire the best and brightest
and try not to let salary get in the way of acquiring top talent!

Principal Engineer - Boot/Kernel Expert Job Code 1351
We are hiring a Principal Engineer, expert in boot and the Linux kernel, to join our engineers involved in Platform Engineering. The focus is to develop the required components that OEM’s and distribution vendors need to build their enterprise server products based on ARM v7/v8 platforms. The team will build as well a basic LAMP stack as a functional validation and early performance evaluation of the developed/modified components.

kernel and drivers, focus on DMA, SATA and in storage optimizations
ARM / x86 assembly
ARM TrustZone and security
git and patch submission
well known in the Linux and open source communities

Principal Engineer Job Code 2013-11
Hands-on expertise in Java interpreters,
OpenJDK and JITtting in general, 8+years experience.
Hands-on expertise in OpenJDK, 5-6y experience.

Common skills and behavioral values
Excellent software developer who is knowledgeable of the ARM Linux kernel,
application user space, open source practices, enterprise software and systems.
Excellent knowledge of software development fundamentals and processes.
Excellent software debugging, problem solving and software testing skills.
Understanding of benchmarking and profiling techniques.
Excellent knowledge of C/C++ and scripting languages (such as Perl and Python).
Knowledge of ARM assembly language, ARM architecture and instruction set.
Ability to understand and generate software requirements.
Ability to analyze and synthesize information.
Excellent teamwork skills within a diverse and globally distributed environment. Selfmotivated,
proactive, can work remotely and able to organise his/her daily activities
Flexible in being available over multiple time zones via IRC, Skype and/or Google
Hangout, good written and verbal English communication.

For consideration submit resume/CV with Job code to