Printer install problem

I am using Mint 19.2 but I cannot get my Samsung press ML 2026 laser printer to install, I have downloaded and installed the appropriate driver from the HP site, the printer shows in local host I also got a CUPS server error during install.
Has anyone else had this problem or any problem installing this Samsung model ? I might add that I have had this printer working in Mint 18 before I updated to 19.2.

Hi Brian - and welcome to the Forum.

Your printer seems to be HP compatible and HP provides very good Linux support.
Did you download the driver version “Samsung Print Driver for Linux V1.00.39_01:17”? If not, try downloading it from: Click on “Driver-Product Installation Software (1)” then the “download” icon.

You would do well to first install the HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging & Printing system) which is very useful for installing/uninstalling & controlling HP printers.

Hope that helps.

I used to have a Samsung laser that gave similar issues so you might try this solution provided to me by Mark in 2014 -

Open a terminal and enter the commands one at a time. The unified driver ‘should’ work with most models - if it doesn’t you may have to manually search for your specific model on the Samsung site.

My experience with Samsung was not a happy one. I bought the printer without doing proper research and had issues both with installation and when the time came to renew consumables so eventually switched to a Brother printer. The Samsung needed a new ‘chip’ every time the cartridge ran out, the Brother doesn’t.


How do you rate Brother printers compared with HP? In particular, does yours print photos well?
My HP 7612 has just died (probably due to me using a non-HP cartridge that bunged up the works) so I need another printer.


Can’t compare like-for-like as I’ve not had an HP printer in many years nor can I vouch for photos as the Brother is mono only. We do very little printing these days, more docs for the wife’s duties at the golf club. Photo printing was always a nightmare, in fact, it’s far cheaper and convenient to get it done at our local Morrisons on an ad hoc basis. That said, compared to the Samsung, the Brother works very well - straight out of the box.

You might find a look at this site would be helpful -

I found these guys some years ago and, as I’m very much a ‘make do and mend’ sort of person, decided to go the refill route rather than keep paying through the nose for consumables. That’s when I discovered the Samsung was a pig to work with! The Brother is a doddle in comparison!

They run extensive tests on all sorts of printers to see if their toner works ok so at least it’s worth taking a look at their recommendations, whether you decide to buy from them, or not. :wink:

Hope this helps,


Thanks Rich.

As my rate of printing is rather low, I think I’ll stick with ink-jet for now, but shall investigate Brother printers.