Printing from Peppermint 6 on Kodak printer

Hi, guys

Can someone explain how I get P6 to “see” my Kodak printer as I need to print a spreadsheet out from Libre Office?

When I try to print it just shows generic printer which doesn’t actually do anything.

I know i ask a lot of questions on the Forum so apologies for yet another!!!

Regards, All

Kodak printers are famous for not working in Linux.

What MODEL of printer do you have?

Hi, arochester

Thanks for responding.

The printer is a Kodak ESP C310. I’ve looked around to see if I can find drivers but to no avail so far and was wondering if anyone knew of generic drivers that might work.

Just typical that Kodak printers are a problem I was going to move completely to Linux (Peppermint 6) but my other half is self employed and needs to print
lots of stuff so she uses W7. Looks like that will have to continue for now at least.

However, any advice gratefully accepted including which printer brands work well with Linux.


Open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get install printer-driver-c2esp

Then install your printer in the normal way

menu > System Tools > Printers > Add

This time there should be a driver for the C310 under either Kodak or Eastman Kodak

hi, Mark

Once again my thanks for your advice and time printer now connected and has printed a test page OK. :slight_smile:

Regards, Doug.

No problem :slight_smile:

AND to you Mark, a big thanks from me ;D

My wife bought a Kodak ESP C310 a while ago (I won’t tell you what I said ;))

I managed to get it to print through cloud print, in a fashion, only photos.

Running Linux Lite, I saw this post and tried your instructions and it works great,

So again thanks,


Cool … a twofer :slight_smile: