probably already answered however,

Looking for help. I need to shrink my WINDOWS 10 Partition then ADD the unallocated portion onto the start of my LINUX MINT 20 Partition. Knowing what I want/need to do hasn’t always worked for me I have a tendency to mess Drives badly. Ergo, I need CLEAR, CONCISE and for all CORRECT instructions. I do not want to go thru’ the pain of reinstalling everything once again. Three times has been enough.

Here is WINDOWS version of the drive:
WINDOWS 10 needs to have 20 GB ‘chopped-off’ and added to the 30.73 GB partition. At the beginning of the 30GB drive:

The Linux DISKS version of the same drive:
WINDOWS 10 shows as the same, but Partition5 is the LINUX Partition and I’m unsure of why P5 and P6 are held within P4. Obviously missing some vital fact here.

Then to further confuse me I have Linux Gparted’s version:
Which shows a similarity to the WINDOWS version. Where the problem lies.

How do I do this ‘chop and grow’ operation without totally messing-up?

Red=Unallocated Blue =Ignore