Problems getting my database to email files

Hi All

Im alittle new to linux. so bear with me
I have Linux mint 13 i think and im using Libra office 3.6.

I run a business from home

The problem is that i have written a database in Base and i want to email my customer the invoice if possible. saves on ink and paper.
But when i export to PDF my invoice losses about a 1/3 of the data mostly the currency / number fields. Ive tried to email using the M/s word format. But its saying
"error occurred sending message maybe a defective set up.
Ive been to options and INTERNET/email and selected Thunderbird as the program. Cant seem to work it out. This is the only thing thats wrong with it really

Anybody help


Have you tried installing the cups-pdf package:

sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

You’ll then find if you select “Print” from any application you’ll be offered “PDF” as a printer … choose that and it will create a PDF of the document … usually in a folder called PDF in your home folder.

If this is a Thunderbird issue, which version of Thunderbird ?

And is it Mint 13 32bit or 64bit ?

i suggest an alternative pdf reader i.e Okular

This almost sounds like a LibreOffice issue, but go down the cups-pdf route first

The OP had problems PRINTING to PDF, not reading them.

In any case this is an old topic … I get the feeling that posting was purely made so he could get his website link on the forum for SEO purposes.

I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see…

Didn’t spot that, can you lock this now?