Problems installing Bacula

I’m following the instructions on THIS site.
I’ve got to ‘Checking Configuration Syntax’ and have now got this error.

I’ve entered

sudo bacula-sd -tc /etc/bacula/bacula-sd.conf

Then I entered my password, and got this error message;
bacula-sd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I’m now stuck on what to do!

I’m also looking at others and would welcome comments on the different backup programs out there as to which you think is the ‘best’ one.
I am looking at (G)rsync too.


sudo apt-get install --reinstall bacula-common

if that doesn’t help, run:

sudo updatedb

then post the output from:



uname -a


uname -a

Linux pooky2483-Kubuntu-1404-LTS 3.13.0-61-generic #100-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 29 11:21:34 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Following the instructions to run Bacula, I get

sudo bconsole

sudo: bconsole: command not found

sudo apt-get install --reinstall bacula-console

Installed and then…

sudo bconsole

Connecting to Director localhost:9101

Nothing else happened
…What IS supposed to happen (if you know)

no idea … I’m just fixin issues as you pass em to me, I’ve never used bacula before.

and please don’t ask the next question that just sprang into your mind.

I’m now sorting out the config files and there’s one missing now (it was there before as I edited it).
The step I am at now is, ‘configuring bacula-sd.conf’
I type in

sudo kate /etc/bacula/bacula-sd.conf

and there’s no file to open!

I did a bit of back-tracking and re-entered this

sudo apt-get install bacula-server bacula-client

and 4 NEW programs were installed…

Hi pooky,

I use fsarchiver qt4-fsarchiver - Browse Files at

Run as a live DVD and save the backup file to an external source. I use this for my / folder & I use Grsync for my /home folder. I find that both these methods serve my purpose very well. fsarchiver seems to work pretty quick as well.

Having said that, if you need something to back up several pcs on a network, this wont be any good.

Best of luck.