Problems with DOCKY (Resolved)

I am using Docky 2.0.7 on Mint 10 I am having problems attaching a SKYPE icon and LibreOffice 3.4 icon to the docking bar.

Is this issue corrected in the latest version of DOCKY if so how do I update as there are no Deb packages on the DOCKY website.

Have also through posts on this site learned about “DO” if I install DO will this sort out the problems?

Have you tried dragging the shortcuts (.desktop files) directly from /usr/share/applications to Docky ? …

Open a terminal and enter:

nautilus /usr/share/applications

Now drag the Skype, and LibreOffice items from there to Docky.

If you want to try the latest stable release (2.1.4) you’ll have to add the PPA repository:

More info here:

Follow the instructions for the Ubuntu install from the PPA, then make sure (in Synaptic) the PPA is set to use “Maverick” versions of the packages, as Mint 10 is based on Ubuntu Maverick

I doubt if just installing gnome-do will make any difference DO (gnome-do) is NOT a docky replacement as such, it isn’t a dockbar, it’s more of an extended search tool.

Thanks for the info on “D” I think I will give it a miss.

Carried out an up date as described above and now have version 2.2.0 which seems to be a big improvement compared with what was on the system.

Dragging the icons from the local you suggested also worked and everything in the garden is fab.