Producing DVD's from home video

I have just used Openshot Video editor to produce a video from some holiday footage taken on a camcorder, can anybody please tell me how to get this on to a CD/DVD easily as I seem to be struggling, the Brasero Burner just doesn’t seem to want to know.

What format is the current file ?

do you just need burning software, or do you need it to convert to playable DVD format ? … eg. VOB etc.

Current format is .MOD, yes need to convert to viewable format.

You may want to look at my recent thread that Mark helped me with.

Yup, like Toonman says… WinFF is also supposed to convert .MOD files


Thanks guys, downloading WinFF, will give it a try and get back to you if I am still having problems. Many thanks for your very prompt resonses.

Downloaded WinFF, no problem, but still unable to produce a dvd from the converted files, have tried various burners to no avail, any suggestions. I am probably missing something very obvious.

What format is the video file now ? … and are they OK (do they play properly) ?

Are you trying to make a DVD that will play in a DVD player (not necessarily a PC) ?

Files are now mpeg and yes trying to produce a disc to play in DVD player

Try installing devede and using that …

sudo apt-get install devede

Or you can download the Devede 3.17 as a .deb file from here:
and double click it to install.

Here’s a couple of videos on its use:

Video 1

Video 2

Personally I usually use Devede to create an ISO (rather than let it burn it to DVD), then use ImgBurn (installed in WINE) to burn the ISO to DVD.

Thanks again for your help, will work my way through your suggestion.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: