Professional Video Editor `Lightworks` 11.5 Goes Stable For Linux

Professional Video Editor Lightworks 11.5 Goes Stable For Linux

see here:

Download it here:

Lightworks homepage:

Good news. :slight_smile:

Good news indeed

I had a nosy at the linked articles… that looks quite incredible - even the pro version is very good value, or seems it. And going open source too = brill.

Its sort of on my bucket list to have a play with video “properly” as it were, and save all the old stuff of my Grandfather farming with horses etc… 8)

The hardware requirements don’t look too onerous either, though I do wonder what it will run like with the minimum requirements ::slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

You have film of your grandfather farming with horses … brilliant :slight_smile:

Yep - on the same farm where we are now !! I’m 3rd generation hillbilly !! and two more “in the wings” as it were ( not that I intend going anywhere, just yet, you understand !

Its super 8, so not brilliant quality, but watchable. No sound unfortunately, but I have audio tape of his after dinner speaking, which needs digitising too!!

Brilliant, I hope you get it digitised quickly … too much of this stuff gets lost to time.