Program to adjust settings

Dear All,

Do you know of a program that can adjust Internet settings in an automatic way so that the settings match the download upload speed.

In windows there are a number of programs that do this but I have not fund one for Linux.

I’m not sure what you mean… can you name one of the Windows apps, so I can take a look.

OK I use Optimize3 by PCPitstop this program adjusts the Internet settings in windows to match your broad band speed. it also removes unnecessary start-up programs and cleans the registry.

From what I have read in your post, are you looking for a program which “limits” your internet connection to a specific speed for download/upload so that you don’t go over your bandwidth limit?

If this is what your meaning I would suggest GTK-Gnutella. I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s available in the repo.

Just do:

sudo apt-get install gtk-gnutella

I hope this is what your meaning. It says it can controll traffic and all sorts of other things too. :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware… besides a few optimisations such as MTU and packet/frame size, which aren’t going to make much difference with broadband… well MTU might, if your ISP uses something different to the default 1500… The only thing I can think of, was a limit imposed by Microsoft on the amount of active concurrent inbound TCP connections, which was “said” to be about cutting down the spread of worms (yeh right)… there were apps that removed this limit, which could help if you were an avid torrent user etc.

As far as I know, there is no such default limit in Linux (but don’t quote me on that), so optimisation is unlikely to have much effect.

See here:

Ok thanks for the information, I do not have download/upload limits my broadband is rated at 30mb/1mb but I never get more then 15mb/1mb.

Yes it is probably to do with MTU as you said.

Thanks again.

You can change the MTU in NetworkManager… but you’d also want to change it in your router.

First you’ll need to know what MTU yoiur ISP uses.

You are unlikely to ever get 30mbps … this is a theoretical maximum burst speed, used by ISP’s to make the speeds look better than you will usually get.

OK thanks I will take a look after I get a new router. I have had my present one for 10 years and it runs 365 24/7 in recent months it has required rebooting more often and the wi-fi has become less reliable.

Thanks again.