PXE / No bootable Device Error with WORKING *upgraded* HDD in Acer Aspire one

Hey i have and Acer Aspire one ZG5 from which i have just removed the brutally slow 8GB SSD and replaced it with a HDD out off an old ipod video that i had lying around. I got it all back together, BIOS is picking up the new HD, and the hard drive is recognized and can be used (tested working) from a USB version of Ubuntu. I am able to fully install Ubuntu with no errors, and and have verified the files installed via Livelinux.

Problem is, though the drive seems to be functioning just fine it fails to boot, giving me the old’ “No bootable device-insert boot disk and press any key.” when i power it up. The harddrive is recognized by both the BIOS and USB linux, i really dont know what the reasons for its behavior is at this point.

If available, i need help diagnosing / solving. Any help greatly appreciated. thanks


I am no expert in this but if you have not tried it before then you could look at
GParted GParted Live on USB
and check if the boot flag is set on the HDD

Sounds about right to me … check the boot flag is set, or reinstall GRUB.

Which version of Linux did you install ?