Quick question

A quick, randomish, question:

If I have an web address of an image, for example: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Na9gIMd_lwE/Sj6dcsm8tlI/AAAAAAAACxI/PSeuqcmFzzw/s400/BoH_Charlotte-7.jpg

Is there any way to find the ‘page’ where that image was ‘uploaded’ to?

In this case I can obviously see it’s on blogspot, but that’s not really what I’m after. I would like the specific location of the ‘original’…

My terminology is probably all wrong, but I hope you get the jist of what I’m after.


If I understand you correctly, that IS the original, but you want to know which webpage(s) are displaying that image as part of their content ?

Not that I’m aware of…

I don’t even think a backlink checker would be able to help you there, as it’s probably not a link.


Seems that (at least in some cases?) I was wrong… go here:

and enter the URL of the picture at the top, then click Explore URL … then click the Inlinks button.

For the above images it displays 2 URL’s linking to that image :slight_smile:

I think what he means is, if you have a long link such as:


I reckon he wants to know what “hosting” site it is on, where he can download the “original” size. Not a compressed resized version. In which case you’ll most likely have to right click and view the source coding.

Hmm… that’s not always going to work either (if at all, I would expect that to just show the source for the “current” pic)… try getting any source info for the original from right-clicking a flickr hosted pic :wink:

Where the real (original full size ?) image is here:

Not to mention they can hide the source if they wish

But YES, I agree that’s probably part of the required detective work :slight_smile:

In Firefox, right-click the image… select View Image Info … then look in the Media tab for clues.

If it’s in the list it will show you a preview, and you can even select Save As.

Thanks guys.

It was more to do with me trying to understand how the whole thing works, and your replies have helped with that. Any ‘hosted’ picture (etc.) that has been uploaded to a blog site etc. is normally via a user interface, I was wondering if it was possible to find that point --or rather the (first) page… it seems in some cases it is, others not.

It’s good to know stuff :o

Well most “blog” sites (wordpress etc.) are going to either be hosting the pic themselves, or have a pointer to where it is being hosted… so (in most cases) right-clicking the pic and selecting “View Image Info” will give you a URL to the pic.

The problem is when the pic is displayed through some kind of weird interface like lightbox on flickr, where they can set the pic as “public”(ly) viewable or not… in other words flickr can hide the URL to the actual pic file, but still display it in its own interface… to stop people downloading the “original”.