Racks, Servers, Cases, etc.

I’m busy searching around the net, gathering bits and bobs for what is about to become the start of several Linux beast servers.

I’m wanting to buy a rack so I can mount the “servers” in it. Unfortunately this is where I get confused.

Where, can I buy an empty rack which I can insert at least 4 servers in. Hot swapping wouldn’t really be necessary as such, but would be a nice feature. Has to be cost-effective as well since I will be building it piece by piece. Also, where can I buy the “cases” for the servers as well. I’ve most likely got the wrong terminology so if I have please point it out. :slight_smile:

I guess this thread is aimed more at MP since he deals with servers 24/7, but if anyone can help DO SAY!

Before anyone asks, I’m going to this struggle because I want to learn more than just basic stuff. I’m trying to push myself, by managing more computers, becoming familiar with KVM, and the likes. It’s my project, or kinda like my own “school” only I learn at my own pace.

EDIT: I must point out at this is stage, some of you must think I’m insane. Indeed I am, and not really thinking straight.

Ok, there are lots of places you can buy racks, however, “where are you going to put it” ?

If the answer is “in my bedroom” then a new rack will set you back around a grand, a second-hand on ebay, will vary, but at least a couple of hundred for something in reasonable nic. I can do you a full-size as-new rack for £200 as of June 24th if you can collect it (!)

If the answer is “in a Data Center”, then 9 times out of 10 the rack is included.

Cases; http://www.xcase.co.uk/

Note; rack mount server cases are designed to make “a lot” of noise … you won’t want to be doing this at home, it won’t be long before the neighbours complain … :slight_smile:

If you want to experiment with Cloud stuff, take a look at Amazon AWS, you can get “micro” instances for “free” for the first year … pretty cost effective way to get going, although it’s obviously a little limited if you want to do anything heavy-duty …

I’ve just done a machine spec (this week) , this is my take on best value for money atm;

Motherboard Scan – LN40182 £65.59 FX Motherboard [AM3+]
CPU Scan – LN41791 £109.81 8 Core 3.1G Dozer
Case Xcase – RM206 £298 6 x Hotswap + 500w PSU
RAM 32G Crucial for LN40182 £236.99
SSD 60G Scan – LN41589 £49
HDD Scan – LN42410 £342 6 x 1Tb SATA III
Additional NIC £20
DVD Scan – LN36039 £14

Total: £1135.39 (+VAT)

How does that Dozer CPU perform ? … I meant to look into these after they were released, but never got round to it … plus it always nicer to hear about real world usage, than website “performance tests”.

It’s not quite up on the Phenom core for core (surprisingly) but it does have 8 cores … so on balance … :slight_smile:
[I’ve not built one yet, although I took an order for two this week …]

The “key” thing for me is that the new FX/AM3+ boards that take the Dozers support up to 64G’s, whereas 16G was the max for Phenom’s …

Hmm … as you say surprising … if/when you build it, please let us know some performance figures if you get time :wink:

do they support triple channel memory yet ?

Thanks for the reply MP. I appreciate you taking the time.

The server will be in my room, but I’ve got a pretty large (and tall!) cupboard. It’s also got a vent in it, to let it breathe if you will. So it’s pretty chilly in there.

The neighbour next door to me is never in, so noise won’t really matter, haha.

The spec I had in mind is actually around 1.5K which is fine for me, as I’ll just be buying them in parts and then piece them together.

I’d really like to know if you’ve used the AMD x8 Opteron? If you have, how well does it perform compared to say, a Dozer or Phenom?

Going on your spec, that looks amazing for the price, I’ll definitely check out those parts too!

I would take you up on that deal your offering, but I have no-way of collecting it, and I’d prefer to get some “hands-on” experience as well. Although it’s nice of you for the offer! :slight_smile:


Ok, “dozer” refers to the “core”, which is the same on the desktop models as on the server variety (aka Opterons’s) with one difference, Opteron’s support multi-cpu motherboards whereas the desktop variety have the logic removed … and as the desktop variety tend to support higher clock speeds (for gamers in particular) unless you want lots of CPU’s on your motherboard, not only is the workstation model better value for money, it’s actually better overall (!)

Don’t bother with a rack or rack-mount case, try something like this instead;

I just build a system in one of these, not only does it look really cool, but it’s very nice to work with, lots of capacity, and almost completely silent.
(It has “huge” internal fans with low RPM’s, and the LED panels double as sound proofing)