How do I find out what my RAM is on Peppermint 3? Cheers

Do you mean -

How much:

free -m

or module info:

sudo dmidecode -t 6

or general info:

sudo lshw -C memory

Or if you’d prefer a GUI for system information … install hardinfo:

sudo apt-get install hardinfo

Then look in the menu at:-

menu > System Tools > System Profiler and Benchmark

Thanks Mark- was wondering what RAM I have and if it is what’s making this run slow at times.

See your other topic.

Thanks done that- my neighbour was wondering about my systems operation as told him my pc runs slow.

Actually, that benchmark/profiler tool might be useful in investigating where any problems may lie…

You lost me there sorry- I have very very basic knowledge of internal workings of computers- mystery to me how they work!

Magic :wink:

Anyway, I think this is getting covered in the other thread…

Magic :wink:
May as well be magic yeah! 8)