Rather Grumpy User!

I’d assumed that this forum was dormant until I discovered the new address by chance. My first reactions are

  • Why can’t I use my usual browser, Pale Moon?
  • Why do I have to use a longer password? — this isn’t a financial site!
  • How do I log out?
  • As for Pale Moon: I can’t help you there.
  • Longer (and more complicated) passwords are becoming the norm for security.
  • Just close the window.

Ok, so the longer password thing is just standard for the new Forum software. It’s not a financial site, but at the same time you don’t really want someone logging into your account and publishing something under your name, that you might want … :neutral_face:
(as Keith says, it’s just the new default, not something we’ve specifically added or enforced)

Closing the browser will close your session, there is an explicit logout if you need it … click on your avatar in the far top right (looks like a green “D” for you), select the very bottom option which is a little person / chess pawn icon, then click “Logout”.

(Why does Pale Moon not work? I’ve not tried it, but if it’s a fork of the Mozilla code … Firefox seems to work Ok?)