Re: PP3 - Firefox Navigation toolbar - doesn't block up when clicked [SOLVED]

I have searched the Forum for this.

In Windows (sorry I swore), when I click in the Firefox Navigation toolbar, the contents block up and I can start typing a new address immediately (or paste one in)

With my PP3 Firefox, the toolbar contents do not block up and I have to block them up myself

I wondered if there an about:config frigg for this?

If you mean you click in the URL bar and it automatically selects everything that’s already there … YES


Set it to “true”

By default


is set to true … so you have to double click the URL bar to select everything.

Works a treat
Thanks yet again Mark

No problem :slight_smile:

Can you do me a favour … use [SOLVED] rather than [SORTED] … most people when searching for a solution say in Google will search for the term “SOLVED”.

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no problem … all sorted now … erm :o

Fixed … but that’s less important than the FIRST posting in a topic :wink:

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