re-setting up email! please help

I have been trying to setup newsgroups and some how lost the email I’ve got 2 email accounts

  • Mail

    • junk and
    • disk space
    • Mail
    • server settings
    • copies
    • compostition
    • junk
    • disk
    • return
    • security
  • out going server(smtp)
    if you look at settings

  • Inbox

    • Drafts
    • Sent
    • Trash
    • Out
    • Mail
      Should I have the last
      I’ve got 2screen print images I could post If you prefer instead of these details, I am using ubuntu 10.10 and thunderbird

I would have expected the top account to say:

Local Folders
Junk Settings
Disk Space

But you can change the Account Name of “Local Folders”

If you want, just change the Acount Name of the top “Mail” account back to Local Folders

Is there actually a problem… is mail not working ?

Are you using pop or imap for your email? Thunderbird has an automatic set up option.

What are your exact problems?