Recommendation for linux hardware.

I’m considering getting a new laptop, and I want to use it primarily for Linux. Are there any pieces of hardware that don’t support Linux, I wanted to know? What must I abstain from?

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Not sure about which laptops to avoid or what your budget is but two UK companies that provide laptops with Linux pre-installed are Entroware (Ubuntu or Ubuntu mate) and Star Labs (Ubuntu,elementary,Mint,Manjaro,MX and Zorin)

PS hope this does not count as “Deliberate advertising”

Hi Gaz.

No, it doesn’t count as advertising as you get nothing out of it. And it’s helpful info.

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The only problem I’ve had with non-compatibility is with Epson printers. They will work on Linux but can sometimes be a bit difficult (problem finding drivers) - which is a pity because they are really good printers. HP printers support Linux very well with the HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and Printing system) although many smaller, cheaper HP printers don’t take advantage of all HPLIP’s facilities.

My most recent laptop (Dell Latitude E5570, fitted with only an SSD as standard) installed Linux not to drive /dev/sda1 but to /dev/nvme0n1p3 (“nvm” = non-volatile memory) and any USB device I plug in becomes /dev/sda1. Bizarre, but it works OK. Linux can cope with just about any hardware these days, so I wouldn’t worry too much about non-compatibilities.

Being of a somewhat parsimonious nature, I always buy second-hand computers, trying it out with a Linux “live USB” before parting with cash, then installing Linux myself. Much cheaper that way. It’s amazing how many people upgrade to the latest Windows version by buying a new computer!

Hope this helps a bit.

These guys look interesting, although not physically in the UK is looks like they sell into the UK;

If anyone’s tried one of these I’d love to hear …