Recommendations please [solved]

Hello everyone.

Has anyone got a favourite Linux CD ripper or folder comparison software?

I need both, and for the record, MELD keeps telling me that two folders I know for a fact are completely different, are identical!



I think most media players (inc. VLC) will rip CDs, and most distros allow you to search the repo for software - displaying anything which may be suitable.

Have you looked at diff?

Thanks Brian,

I’ll look at VLC and I’ve already looked at diff, but I’d really like something more idiot friendly. Windows has Foldermatch which I found really intuitive and capable. I can’t find a linux equivalent…

I have no experience of any of these, but you can also look here:

FSlint is in there and reported to be available on Ubuntu (& maybe others).

if you want a file sync - rsync is commonly used tool too.

Thanks Brian,

I couldn’t see any way to get VLC to rip a CD, but I’ve settled on Asunder which seems pretty good. It was unable to download album data until I switched the CDDB server to, but now it’s fine.

I then checked and downloaded FreeFileSync which seems very similar to Foldermatch.

So far, so good. I’ll wait a few days to see how they go before marking this thread solved…

There is also Ripperx and Sound Juicer and fre:ac

Thanks everyone. I’ve been using Asunder and FreeFileSync for a couple of weeks now and I’d recommend both of them.

FreeFileSync feels slightly less intuitive than Foldermatch, although the features are there if you look around. And, of course, it’s free! I like it.

I like Asunder too. There are occasional problems with identifying some CD details - names, tracks etc, but that seems to be down to whichever CDDB you link it to. 99% of the time it’s fine, and again, free.

What’s not to like?