Removing AESCrypt

I just installed Truecrypt on my New (ish) laptop but it says it is no longer supported. I looked at cross platform (Andriod and Linux) alternatives and chose AESCrypt.
I downloaded the 32bit version and installed via GDebi.

The thing is it will not launch. When I click on it it says…‘Invalid arguments, a single filename is required’

I have looked at all methods (that I know of uninstalling but cannot find a way).
Any ideas welcome and…I will accept all the critism of installing from unknown sources. :-[

Can you supply a link to where you got it.

And state if you’d prefer to attempt to fix it, or just want rid ?

Fixing it would be good. I can’t find any other andriod/Linux encryption programs.

link Using AES Crypt - Advanced File Encryption for Linux

Dell Latitude D430

What was wrong with Truecrypt ?

Nothing. But reinstalling it on my latest laptop it said it was no longer supported, and, it now cannot create volumes, just open or close. Also it isn’t cross platform compatible. It’s mainly used for pictures of passports, house deeds, spreedsheets, pin numbers etc. I know there is dropbox, and I use it but I am still wary of cloud based attacks

Still testing fixes … but here’s how to uninstall:

sudo /usr/share/aescrypt/uninstall

OK, AEScrypt does work … just not the way you think (and it’s a pain in the friggin … )

Really IMHO it shouldn’t display in the normal application menu, as it’s not a true GUI application … though as they’ve badly written it, it seems to require a way to select “open with” and the app to be available which required it to be in the menu.

Anyway the “correct” way to use it is by right-clicking a file and selecting “Open With” > “AESCrypt” … but believe me it’ll take over your mimetypes … in otherf words if you do that with a .jpg image, it’ll become associated with .jpg images (even if you don’t elect to make it the default" ::slight_smile:

Did you try truecrypt from this PPA:



Remember this tutorial foo using cryptkeeper to encrypt a folder in Peppermint using EncFS

I’m pretty sure there are Windows and Android clients for EncFS too (below is a link for how to encrypt with EncFS and use dropbox … but it shows there must be Windows/Android versions too)

Or if you want to use the cloud … there’s always SpiderOak.

Thanks. I think I’ll give it a miss. :o

I have not tried it from that source but managed to dig out the one before that (7.1). it’s fine, the problem is I can’t access my files as they are locked.
Every time I change permissions they revert back to read only. I’m assuming it’s because they were written on my old computer.

Spyderoak looks interesting

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

OK. Thanks Mark.

No problem … I’m not ducking out here, just unsure if there’s anything you still require help with ?

I know. You have been a big help. I just altered the permissions for the disk in ‘Disks’ and can read it no problem now. I will have a think on how I want to secure my files over the next couple of days.

Bit of a bump here, but in this week’s Distrowatch Weekly, there’s a bit about the fork of TrueCrypt, named “CipherShed” (2nd point)

It says that it’s not released just yet, but it will be soon

Sorry for going slightly off topic, but did you notice the “prerequisites” for compiling the dev build of CypherShed under the different OS’s … made me laugh (particularly the Windows Vs Linux requirements and instructions) :slight_smile:




Windows - requires you own Visual Studio 2008 Professional … google informs me this is around £1300 :o

amongst a ton of other stuff … instructions go on forever… and ever … and ever …

OS X -requires software from “Apple Developer Connection with a paid account” … whatever that means (?)
installation instructions are fairly simple but I’m guessing you’d need to be rich (?)

Linux - ALL FREE :slight_smile:
4 simple commands to install dependencies and compile in Linux (and it looks like it would have been 3 but for a makefile oversight).

Great job Mark AES Crypt was bugging me ever since the install and your solution wiped it out easily. Thanks a bunch mate.

You’re more than welcome, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: