Replacing Pepperming OS 3 with the latest Ubuntu

Hi guys,

For a while now I have been hitting a few compaitibility walls when using Peppermint 3 and have such has decided to return to Ubuntu.

Old me would be shouting at me for doing so but he can do one as I have had enough with the bugs and compatibility issues with my main programs that I use for home development.

I will be installing Ubuntu and modifying it with LXDE rather than just using Lubuntu. This means I get some nicer apps which come as standard as well as the nice log in window and a few other simple bits.

Right, blurb over, here is my issue.

I have lost my win7 install disk amongst the madness that is my house. As such I cannot restore the MBR on WIndows (also I should justify that I use windows some times I have to compile bits for WIndoze and some games aren’t supported on our platform) so I was hoping someone could tell me if they knew if the upgrade tool works from peppermint 3 to Ubuntu (whatever the latest is) I haven’t tried it yet as I am still downloading it. My thoughts being that peppermint is based (partially) on ubuntu.



Firstly, Peppermint gets 99.9% of its packages form Ubuntu … so if there are compatibility issues with some software on Peppermint but not Ubuntu this can only be because of it’s tied to Unity/Gnome … so bunging LXDE on Ubuntu will probably give you the same compatibility issues … but only one way to confirm my suspicions of course :wink:

No … there is NO easy way of “upgrading” PM3 to Ubuntu 12.10 even though they use the same repos/software, as you’d (at least) need the default package markings for an Ubuntu 12.04 install first … even then the Peppermint specific packages may cause you issues.

Probably best to just delete the Linux partitions … then let the Ubuntu CD install to the free space.

Not quite sure why you think you’d need the Windows installation disk … won’t you be using GRUB as the bootloader ?

Also … you do realise both Ubuntu 13.04 and Peppermint 4 (based on Ubuntu 13.04) are just around the corner ?

Myth Busted: You cannot “upgrade” peppermint to Ubuntu using the ubuntu install disk.

I found a method to repair windows, there is an application in windows to create a repair disk (in windows 7 search “repair” in the search box under the main start menu, which will (eventually) give you the windows repair console. type bootrec.exe /FixMbr and bootrec.exe /FixBoot (this is for windows 7). So there is a bit of useful info for all :slight_smile:

The compatibility bits are just where my development environment isn’t matching the customer environment as peppermint uses some applications and back engines from mint, such as the update tool.

But I am sure I will find out. I will report back with my findings.


my development environment isn't matching the customer environment as peppermint uses some applications and back engines from mint, such as the update tool.

So replace mintupdate with update-manager ???

As I said, there’s very little that’s Peppermint specific … pretty much everything that’s Peppermint specific is settings for LXDE.

I’m not trying to talk you out of it … that’s your choice … I’m just confused by your reasoning ?

AFAIK, the only compatibility issues should be with things that REQUIRE Unity

I see your point, just need to make sure I am as compatible as possible. Seem to be having non stop problems with dependencies so I have taken the easy option out :stuck_out_tongue: