Resizing Hd in KVM

I have installed KVM and left the system to decide how big the Hd should be (default 8Gb) and after unstalling XP Pro and Win7, both Hd’s are reporting as full. Is there any way I can increase the size of the Hd’s without having to go through the setup of creating a new VM for each one?


Also, is it a ‘virtual’ size or a real size that takes up ‘real’ size of my Hd?

I can’t make any sense out of what you’ve said ???

You’ve created a single 8GB VM

Then removed XP and Win7 from REAL partitions ?

Then you say “both Hd’s are reporting as full” … which hard drives … and do you mean REAL drives , REAL partitions, or virtual drives ?

I also have to sat … Huh ? … to this:-

Also, is it a 'virtual' size or a real size that takes up 'real' size of my Hd?

Sorry, but I have no idea what you’re trying to say/ask.

No, what I am asking is, after creating a ‘virtual’ Win7 with a Hd size of 8Gb, is there any way I can make it bigger?

When the Hd is created for the ‘virtual’ Win7, is it a ‘virtual’ size or a ‘real’ size?

I’ve just noticed a typo in my first post, it should have read ‘INSTALLING’ NOR UNinstalling.

I’ve never used KVM, so I’m a bit in the dark here … I would have expected it to be able to dynamically resize the virtual hard drive like VirtualBox can (SEE EDIT BELOW) … but see if this helps:

I’m still not 100% sure what you mean … but when you create a virtual machine it’s just that, a virtual machine (as in virtual hardware) so the hard drive the VM uses is “virtual” (saved as a file somewhere).

VirtualBox (by default) saves them as a “.vdi” (virtual disk image) at ~/Virtualbox … but I have no idea where KVM/virt-manager saves them, or the format.


Apparently, KVM/virt-manager CAN create dynamically resizing virtual hard drives … see step 6 here:

You should have unticked the “Allocate entire virtual disk now” box whilst configuring the storage space when you created the VM … then the virtual HDD would have dynamically adjusted its own size when it started to fill up.

KVM can store data in a number of ways, if you selected all the defaults then your image will be in /var/lib/libvirt/images …

To resize, extend the size of the file. Just bear in mind, that will resize your device, filesystems on the device are a different matter …

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