Resizing PDF (How do I)

I am trying to find a way to resize PDF’s to print on the whole page of an A4 sheet. I have quite a lot of PDF’s and they are all smaller than A4 and I’d like to be able to successfully enlarge them.
I have tried with LO Draw but it does not work as required, it leaves text flowing over the page or overlaps one line with another.
Is there a program which can resize PDF’s properly?

Instead of trying to resize the actual PDF, try to do it when printing.
You can set the print software to “Fit Printable Area” (set the output page to A4 in Page set-up first).
If you only want PDF version (not paper) the just print to PDF.

I’m using Okular to view/print PDF’s and there’s not that option in Okular.

That must be a peculiarity of Okular. Try other PDF readers like Qpdfview or Evince (both have the option to fit to page)

Maybe try Master PDF Editor

Thanks for your help Mark & SeZo.
I did find that my browsers (firefox & Chrome) have the option to print using the whole page but I didnt like the fact that I had to open the PDF in a browser every time I needed to print one.

PDF Editor sounds great, I’ve downloaded it and will be installing it ASAP.