Review :: JUSTOP Android TV box (mk809)

Summary review

  • Seems to address most / all of the problems listed in the older model (see previous review)
  • Quick, more processor cores, more memory, can’t stress the speed difference enough
  • Seems to have DRM options built in (newer Android)
  • BBC Player, and ITV Player now work well
  • Even Cheaper @ £39.99

Only issues I’ve had this far are (a) no power supplied, needs a USB power supply. Initially I plugged it into the Telly’s USB port, which worked but caused reboots every minute, but using the old Android media player’s USB port solved that (!) , now using the USB transformer from a Nexus 4, that works fine. And (b) there’s only one USB port on this one, so you’ll need a combined wireless mouse + keyboard, separate won’t do you any good (!)

I know it’s cheaper than the other model, and I know the other model looks “slicker” and comes with two USB ports and comes with a remote control (no remote with this one!) but it performs maybe 4x better than the other model - so if you’re going for one of these, make sure you get the mk809!

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Note that I’m in no way “pushing” these devices, but they do seem to have the market at the moment in terms of price and features, my prediction is that TV manufacturers will be building them into the next generation of TV sets instead of trying to push their own apps and app stores. Least ways if they don’t - they must be mad!!