Review :: JUSTOP Android TV box

[smg align=right id=1561]There seem to be a number of Android media players coming out all with varying specifications and features, at £45 (incl) this is one of the cheaper ones and one of the first to market. It comes as a complete kit including video cable, audio cable, remote control and yes, even batteries (!)

Essentially this is an Android tablet with an HDMI output instead of a screen, which turns your TV into a giant Android tablet. You can get the full specification from the supplier’s website here;

The Good

  • The price!
  • Flawless playback at 1080p from Youtube and IMDB
  • Good Netflix performance
  • Mobile Firefox works well as do most general apps
  • My wireless mouse, touchpad and keyboard all work fine with it
  • 100Mb wired network connection works well, as does the Wireless

The not so Good

  • BBC player is very poor
  • ITV player doesn’t work
  • No players for either LOVEFILM or SKYGO (this is a general Android issue)
  • No support for my WebCam (so no video on Skype)
  • Single core processor, so performance is “limited”
  • There is a storage / processing issue somewhere. I’ve just had a Nexus 4 delivered and when it restored the account from my old phone is updated / installed 34 apps at the same time - without any noticeable performance impact. Updating just ONE app on this device renders it almost unusable while the update is in progress. While this doesn’t affect normal usage, you do need to allow a minute or two now and again of non-use while it does updates.
  • Android is only on 4.0.4 and there’s no sign of an update just yet. Not getting access to more recent versions of Android has proven the downfall of many devices to date.


  • Is this “the” device that’s going to be your media player of choice for the next 24 months - Probably not.
  • Is it useful and value for money - Yes.
  • Does it herald the shape of things to come - Yes.
  • Will I continue to play with it and update it if updates become available - Yes.

I’ve ordered a JUSTOP K9 which runs Android 4.1 on a Dual core processor, will submit a review once I’ve had a look.

WARNING :: although it plays Google Play / Google Movie trailers fine, and although it will let you rent or buy a full copy of a film, IT WON’T PLAY IT. Looks like the DRM in Android 4.0.4 isn’t good enough, just starts off and sits there waiting (forever).

There IS a SKYGO app for android:

but the comments suggest it’s rubbish … maybe worth a go though ?

Ok, just loaded it on my phone, but you’re right, it’s not really very good - playback is pretty crappy when compared to other services. I’ll try it on the JUSTOP later, but this app seems to require a very recent version of Android, I tried to load it on my old phone and it wouldn’t play ball. (DRM issue??)

Can it be used as a client for a upnp server like Twonky or Mediatomb?

If there is an appropriate Android app for it, then I guess yes (!)