Rhytimbox gives error when I try to extract music CD tracks

Guys, I’m having a hard time using Rhytimbox when I’m going to “Rip” music CD tracks on Rhytimbox. The following message appears to me:
“Error downloading track
Could not open resource for writing
I am using an External CD Driver via USB and my Acer Nitro 5 Laptop runs Linux Mint 19.3.Servimg.com - Free image hosting service
can anybody help me? Thank you in advance

Hi Nogueira.

You might be better off using a dedicated CD ripper. I find “Asunder CD Ripper” is very reliable and is available here: https://mintguide.org/audio/154-asunder-cd-ripper-graphical-audio-cd-ripper-in-linux-mint.html.

Good luck.