Right clicking in a terminal - Peppermint 3

A warning for the unwary.

I am accustomed to using the right-click in the Ubuntu terminal and typing “c” to copy highlighted text and “p” to paste it. These short-cuts are indicated by an underscore of the appropriate letter to use - everyone knows this.
In my recently installed Peppermint 3 no letter is underscored for the copy command, and using the usual “c” key results in the closure of the terminal window, as indicated at the bottom of the context menu.

The letter to use is “y”. But habit is a wonderful thing!

Hmm … in the terminal I’ve always just used -

Ctrl+Shift+C = Copy
Ctrl+Shift+V = Paste

Everywhere else, you’d just miss out the “Shift” key … but in the terminal Ctrl+C is reserved to end a running command, so the shift key is also required.

That’s an even better method - thanks.

… except that…
In this example I wanted to remove test.txt~ from the home folder so highlighted it then Ctrl+Shift+c to copy the title. This produces ^C on the current line and opens a new line.
Ctrl+Shift+P then pastes it in the new line and adds ^M at the end. Pressing enter creates an error of course. Like this:

keith@D505 ~ $ ls
Desktop Documents Downloads Dropbox Music Pictures Public Templates test.txt~ Videos
keith@D505 ~ $ rm ^C
keith@D505 ~ $ test.txt~^M
: command not found
keith@D505 ~ $

It’s not important, just interesting.

OK, you’re getting things confused … As I said … everywhere other than the terminal you don’t use SHIFT (only in the terminal do you need shift)

So it would be
Ctrl+C to copy the title
Ctrl+Shift+V to paste it into the terminal

outside of the terminal
Ctrl+C = copy
Ctrl+V = paste

in the terminal
Ctrl+Shift+C = copy
Ctrl+Shift+V = paste

But you don’t half like making things hard for yourself … if you’re trying to delete (not send to bin) something in the file manager … highlight it, then Shift+Del … gone :slight_smile:

No; my comments were all regarding the terminal. But as I say, it’s not important.
I didn’t know about Shift+del - that’s very useful. I learn a little every day. Trouble is, I tend to forget rather more!

Are you in Peppermint 3 ?

I seem to vaguely remember some extra spurious control info being appended when pasting to the terminal in PM3.

Yes, it’s Peppermint 3.
And now that you mention it, “spurious control info” is a good description of the appendix. (literal; not biological)