rolling release or not rolling release who cares it's ubuntu isn't it

The Ubuntu distribution does enjoy being in the the media spotlight, even at the risk of getting there as a result of a misunderstanding. Last week’s news about the distribution’s planned switch to a rolling-release development model was dispelled several days after the first rumours hit the Linux media. OMG! Ubuntu!'s Joey-Elijah Sneddon explains what happened:

I find it an interesting topic. If they’re able to do what Mozilla done with Firefox and be sure to have a beta version to test all apps/plugins and all that palava, and integrate the features as they become stable and ready for consumer use then I don’t see a problem. However, should they screw up, I’ll be moving distro.

On the topic of moving distro, should they change Ubuntu to arch-based or something like that, I’ll most definitely be switching distro.

I’m very much a debian-based user,

if that happens BKS a good place to turn will be solusOS it’s a debian based distro thats just a little more stable than lmde

some thing i just started thinking about is if ubuntu goes rolling does linuxmint and the rest of the ubuntu based distros change

I figure they’d have to (or do a LOT more work in maintaining separate repos) … but then why wouldn’t they want to go semi-rolling (Ubuntu weren’t really talking about “proper” rolling) ?

To tell the truth, I couldn’t see much change as far as the LTS’s were concerned … effectively they’re just thinking of dropping non-LTS in favour of keeping the LTS’s software more updated … which I’d welcome, if when they bother.

guess you right mark LTS is a time restricted rolling release :slight_smile:

I upgraded my test server to 12.10 and it does indeed look to be the same as 12.04 … But! The number of subtle differences I found was extremely worrying.

My code for handling local sockets (named pipes) broke, as did message queues (ipcs) and the gdb’s changes broke all my debug scripts … and that was just the first day (!)

I.e. beware of spacemen bearing ‘upgrades’
I suspect some of this is down to changes in POSIX threads in the kernel … but still …

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My brothers laptop used to run SolusOS. For me, it was a little too out-dated, or at least the version he was running at the time.

I care just because I use Peppermint OS (based on Ubuntu) and I want to see what they are going to do with it along with Lubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu.