rt73.bin dirvers?

Hi I am using linux for the first time,and I am using mandriva 2010.1.Where can i find the rt73.bin drivers for my wlan card and how do i install them?

--> I get an error message saying... Some packages (rt73-firmware) are required but aren't available. These packages can be found...

…or in the official non-free package repository.
The following component is missing: /lib/firmware/rt73.bin…

The Free version has the non-free repositories configured but disabled by default. You can easily enable them at the Mandriva Control Center, software management section, and download the missing package.

You can launch the MCC with Alt + F2 (type mcc in the box) or entering mcc in a root Konsole.

Original source:

So enable the non-free repo, then install thee rt73-firmware package.

If that doesn’t help, let us know.

Or you could go here:
and click the "binary package"link.

You will find rt73.bin contained in the rt73-firmware-1.8-5mdv2010.0.noarch.rpm package.
(just open it with your archive manager, and extract it)

Or get it from here:

Thanx,i will try your suggestions,i don’t have any internet connection while I am running mandriva,all i am downloading i download from my dual booted windows 7 and then try to run it from mandriva

If you specifically want just the rt73.bin binary, and want to download it on a different PC… see my last posting above.

Would probably be a lot easier if you connect your PC to your router with an ethernet cable, then just install what you need from whatever package manager Mandriva uses.

But at a guess (I’ve never used Mandriva) I’d say you just need to download the rt73-firmware-1.8-5mdv2010.0.noarch.rpm package, then double-click it to install.

or in a root terminal, cd to the directory containing the downloaded rt73-firmware-1.8-5mdv2010.0.noarch.rpm package, then run:

rpm -Uvh rt73-firmware-1.8-5mdv2010.0.noarch.rpm

all right,did it thanks for the help :slight_smile: