Saving .odf files into msoffice 2007

Hello Everyone! I need some help, I have openoffice 3.3 and I would like to know if there is a way to save the documents in ms office 2007. Thanks!!

If OOo 3.3 is the same as 3.2…

For .odt (word processor) docs…

From within OpenOffice, select File>Save As… then click “File Types”… in the drop down menu, select “Microsoft Word 2007 XML (.docx)

Same principle for Calc ↔ Excel spreadsheets (.ods) etc. … just save as .xls

But there are occasional formatting (layout) issues with .docx (ie. a document saved in OpenOffice as .docx may look slightly different when opened in M$ Office), so best to save them in .doc (Office 97/2000/XP)… Any PC running M$ Office 2007/2010 will be able to open/edit them (.doc/.xls etc.) anyway.

Thank you Mark, but when I do what you tell me, Microsoft Office 2007 doesn’t appear in the saving options; that’s why I asked if there is a way to do something in order to be able to save .odf documents into MS Office 2007 documents; if you know something about it, please, let me know.


Very strange… the option is there in OOo 3.2… maybe you should consider Libre Office instead.

Which OOo application are you trying to save from ?

Just did a quick check and I can confirm that Libre Office 3.3 (which is based on OOo 3.3) has this option

Hi Mark, well… I’ve got OOo 3.3; Ok G.G and Mark, you tell me that maybe I should try LibreOffice 3.3, now… is there a special application or package or something like that which could be downloaded for achieving OOo 3.3 have MS Office 2007 as a saving option?

Apparently not, 3.2 did support export as .docx, but the option has been dropped in OOo 3.3… which I find a very strange decision by Oracle, but par for the course I’m afraid.

LibreOffice 3.3 on the other hand DOES still support export as .docx

Yet another reason to switch to LibreOffice… If the fact that OOo is now owned by Oracle isn’t enough.

So it looks like your options are… go back to OOo 3.2, or switch to LibeOffice 3.3 :o

I could be wrong about this, but I think upstream OOo was getting its .docx import/export filters from Go-oo, which has now joined forces with LibreOffice.