Bill what is it exactly you’re trying to do get the printer working or the scanner working or both ?

No, I just want the printer that works best. I have the HP on at the moment. XSane and Simplescan work OK. The problem is getting Page plus in windows 7 and XP to recognise the printer which I need for jobs that I do. I’ll get the computer engineer to sort that out. The Canon is a better and more expensive printer but not so good for Linux. Linux don’t seem to do a DTP that’s good enough withr scanning & printing as part of the programme.

Have you installed the Windows drivers for the HP printer (in Windows) ?

If necessary, we probably could get the Canon scanner working in Linux, but it’ll likely be some work.

I have the printer and scanner for HP working for Linux. The printer works but not the scanner for windows, a lot of the downloads have spyware and pop up adverts also browser page hijacking. The printer driver downloads but it looks like the scanner driver doesn’t. I had to spend a lot time just getting rid of the unwanted stuff. I must remember in the future never to buy a printer without the installation disc.

What’s the model of your HP AiO ?

and what version of WinLOL ?

HP fr2180 3 in 1. Two caddies Windows XP and Windows 7

Doesn’t it work in either Windows version ?

How is it connected USB or network ?

Conected by USB. The problem is with both windows 7 and XP which idicates no scanner driver. The printer works but not the scanner. If I cant get the scanner to work I am toying with the idea of getting another HP fr2189 on eBay to get the installation disc which would include the scanner driver and keep the printer as a spare. But the engineer is popping in on Monday, he should be able to fix it. They don’t have these problems on star trek.

I can find no reference to a fr2189 by HP

Does the printer have something like deskjet 3160 or similar on it ?

If not, plug it in and turn it on in Linux, and post the output from:


Hi Mark, following this thread with interest, actually Bill said HP fr2180 in an earlier post, this is there if you look it up, then he said fr2189 looks like a typo to me.

Bill, try, type in your hp model and the drivers are there for 7 and XP for download.


Probably best to get them directly from HP … is this the printer/scanner:
<— Click the “LINK” button

HP Deskjet F2180 All-in-One Printer

(drivers at the above link, directly from HP)

Including Linux drivers … but don’t use them if it’s already working.

Thanks Degsy … I must have missed the first reference to the model :-[

Thanks, the HP site is rather complicated but I managed to download and get the printer and scanner working on Windows 7. Windows XP works in a kind of fashion, very slow and aggravating but I’m not too bothered about that because I will eventually change it for Windows 7 or even windows nine, I have heard they are working on it due to the windows 8 problems. The Linux scanners are OK but there’s no DTP programme with scanning and printing built in. Hopefully someone will create or improve on a one in the future, unless one exist that I don’t know about.

Windows 9 … god help us :wink:


And by “god”, I’m not talking about Steve Ballmers complex

Why are you using Windows 7 and XP? Is it for a work computer?

He can’t find a Linux DPT package he likes as much as the Windows one he uses … nothing wrong with that.

We all move onto Linux at a rate that suits our individual needs :wink:

What is DPT? No wasn’t being mean- thought it might be work computer. There’s only one thing I liked in Windows and that is the fonts- they have some really nice ones that look like nineteenth century handwriting. I hope Linux will expand on their fonts!

Nothing stopping you installing ANY TTF fonts (and others), including those that come with Windows/Office in Linux … except possibly the license :wink:

You can download millions of fonts online and install them in Linux … they’ll then become accessible to your applications … same as Windows.

DTP = DeskTop Publishing

Just downloaded Scribus from the package manager- think I see a few more fonts in Libre Office, is that where they go in the fonts bar?

No … you’d download them, put them in the hidden .fonts directory … then run a command to update the font cache.

Scribus is not about fonts … it’s a Linux DTP application … though it ^might^ come with some extra fonts, I can’t remember.