I have downloaded Scanlite and XSane from the Ubuntu softwars list but it doesn’t show in the launch bar. How do I do that ?

Which launch bar ? … we have no idea which distro/version/desktop you’re running ?

That info should be part of ANY new topic :wink:

The lancher is down the left side of the screen. Running Ubuntu, I think its 13:04

Click the top icon on the launcher (application lens) … search for the application … drag it to the launcher bar.


Start the application … it will (whilst running) now appear on the launcher … right click the icon on the launcher, and selecet “Keep in launcher” (or similar) … now it should stay even when you close it.

How do you start it, its not in the launcher.

I’ve already said …

Click the top icon in the launcher to open the application lens

type the name into the search box … and an icon should appear below.

IIRC, you can also open the application lens with Super+A on the keyboard

Super = the “Windows” key

I dont have a windows key

if this is an AA1 … Super key = the key with a picture of a house on it.

if it’s a normal keyboard, it will probably have a picture of the Windows logo on it.

usually down by the left Ctrl and Alt keys


I’m thoroughly baffled how you’ve been managing to use Ubuntu without knowing where to find the icons for installed applications :wink:

Theres no windows key. Usually installed programmes automatically go into the launcher. Before when it dont go in the launcher I do without the programme and try to use something else.or use windows XP…

Yes, I have found it. I have never used it before and never knew what it was for. But the programme scanning is not in the even though it was downloaded and have a tick by it.

xsane should be there … I can’t even find “Scanlite” in the repos … where did you get that ?

I managed to get XSane. Looks a bit complicate. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow. Well, now I know what that little windows thing is for. Scanlite doesn’t show, even though it is ticked as downloaded and the review is not very good.

Hi Bill

If you feel xsane is too complicated you could try installing simple-scan you should find it in the repos it has a much simpler interface but works very well I prefer it to xsane just because of it’s simplicity

I’ve never heard of scanlite … it’s not in the 13.04 repos ???

Yes. Scanlite is in Ubuntu 13:04. If you type in scanning in the search box it will come up with all the others. Said to replace Kooka. A comment says it is unbelievably complicated. It is ticked as download but it doesn’t show in the “windows plus A”.

The reason we couldn’t find it is because it’s called “skanlite” not “scanlite” which is a KDE application that requires the kscan backend personally I would un-install that and stick with either xsane or simple-scan

KDE applications tend to download a ton of dependencies that you don’t need or want unless you’re running a KDE desktop

I have Scanlite, Xsane and Simple Scan. A ll downloaded and in the launcher. They all recognise there is a Canon MX420 printer but non of them scan, one of them says there is an I/O problem. Libre Office recognises the printer and prints OK. I’m just guessing its the scanner driver, I’ve searched for one but no luck so far. I also have an HP printer (recently had problems) which may be better compatible. If the problem persists I might try that.
Going to unload Scanite, though its is spelt on my computer as Scanlite, but that doesn’t matter now.

Have you tried opening up simple-scan placing a picture/document in the scanner and press scan to see if it recognizes your scanner if it doesn’t a message will pop up saying something like “no scanners detected” if it does the scanner should just fire up and start scanning

It’s a Canon scanner driver issue (it needs special software from Canon) … if you want to make your life MUCH easier, use the HP.

If you NEED to get the Canon working let us know … and let us know which distro/version/architecture (if you haven’t already)

I have the HP on which is giving me the same problems as the Canon on Linux Ubuntu, Windows 7 and XP. So it looks like there’s a bit more to it. I got xSane and Simple Scan working OK, but I really need the printer working within programmes that I use. So I got a computer engineer whose going to sort it out as well has the sound card that packed up. He’s got a sound card that works with windows but not Linux so thats another problem. The one that was in there they don’t make any more.