Screen Sharing Not Working In Linux Lite


I’m trying to set up a laptop for a friend who will need help occasionally. I have tried to use Zoom in Firefox. My computer has the Zoom app, but the laptop does not, so my friend will be accessing it through Firefox. However, the screen share does not work from the laptop. (The ‘Allow participants to screen share’ option is set.) I have a virtually identical setup on VirtualBox and this works fine. I’ve been through the various settings and can find no relevant difference. Both systems are fully up to date. I’m using Linux Lite 3.8. (I know it’s not the latest version, but I prefer it.) Is there a setting in Lite that would allow/disallow this? Giving screenshots would be difficult, but the only difference from a normal view of the browser’s Zoom is that the Share Screen button is permanently greyed out.


Hi Matt

If the idea is to help you’re friend with any issues wouldn’t a remote desktop client such as Teamviewer or Anydesk be more appropriate. I use Anydesk to connect between my home and work PC’s and friends computers running Linux, it’s very simple to set up and use, it’s fast and very stable


Thanks. Screen sharing is only one reason for the use of Zoom. Conference calls are an obvious second. As my friend is not computer savvy and is far enough away to not be able to visit (not to mention the issue with lockdowns, etc.), the screen sharing (and conferencing) of Zoom seemed a reasonable option. I have used it before in such a way, so I am relatively used to it.