I am trying to download SCRIBUS desktop publisher.
After I have downloaded it I just keep getting error messages. what am i doing wrong.

Which Linux distribution and version are you running ?

Distribution will be something like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora etc.

Version will be 11.04, 11.10, 14 etc.

Hi Mark thanks for reply.
I am using UBUNTU 11 10
Pete Moore

Scribus is available in the Ubuntu Software Centre … click the Dash Home (top icon on the Unity launcher bar) … then search for Ububtu Software Centre and click the icon to launch it … Once the Ubuntu Software Centre opens, enter scribus in its search box … then highlight Scribus … and click the Install button.

It will be downloaded and installed for you :slight_smile:

Another way to install scribus and the extra templates and docs would be to open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install scribus scribus-template scribus-doc

hit enter, and your password when asked.

Be aware, when you enter your password into a terminal, you won’t “see” anything echoed to screen, not even ****, but it IS going in :wink:

Once Scribus is installed … you can access it by going into the Dash Home, searching for Scribus, and clicking its icon to launch it.

Once launched, if you wish to pin it to the Launcher bar … right-click the Scribus icon on the launcher bar, and select “Keep in Launcher”.

Mark. Thank you very much for information, That worked fine. again many thanks.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

BTW, that’s the default way to install applications in Ubuntu 11.10 (though not the only way) … not by downloading them from the internet … that’s a bad windows habit :wink:

When you install anything through the Ubuntu Software Centre, it all comes from a central software repository that is maintained by Ubuntu so is tested as working on Ubuntu, and can easily be kept malicious code free :slight_smile:

The “repository” system is one of Linux’s strengths.