SD card reader won't pick up SD card?

I have a slight problem. I have 2 SD Cards, one which is 1GB and another which is 4GB. The card reader will easily pick up the 1GB but won’t pick up the 4GB. Kind of confused. The card works, both of them do, I just don’t understand why either the card reader or even the camera it was in isn’t picking it up when plugged into the laptop?

Is the card reader SDHC compatable ? … 4GB SD (or larger) are HC (High Capacity) and need a SDHC reader.

I have no idea, how would I tell? If I put the 1GB into my camera, and then plug the camera into the laptop, i’ll work, yet if I do it with the 4GB one, it doesn’t work :confused: I’d have imagined that it would’ve been able to read it regardless. My card reader is a multi-card reader too.

OK, (for comparison) plug the 1GB into your camera, plug the camera in and enter:

sudo fdisk -l

post the output.

Now do the same with the 4GB card.

Now with the 4GB card still in the camera… unplug the camera… wait 10 seconds… replug the camera… and enter:

dmesg | tail -n 20

and post the output.

I totally forgot about this… damn :confused: My cousin took the 4GB card home too, so I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks probably, before I can do this. sad face

Okey dokey… Gimme a shout if/when you want to try diagnose the problem.