Setting the terminal position

I have a script that I run from an exisitng terminal that changes, inter alia, the current terminal size. But it would be nice also to reposition the terminal on the screen.
I have found the command gnome-terminal --geometry COLSxROWS1+X+Y but this, as one might expect, opens a new terminal at the desired position.

Is there a way to reposition the current terminal from within the script?

So you don’t mean screen position, you mean terminal SIZE ?

You also haven’t mentioned distro/version/architecture … or desktop environment

Sorry once more: This is a Lenovo Thinkpad T500 running Ubuntu 16.04 in Classic View.

Err, no: I mean the position of the terminal window on the screen.
I can change the size of the current (only) working terminal window (resize -s rows cols) and I want to change its position, too. i.e. automatically, within the script, rather than manually moving the terminal window with the mouse.
This isn’t important, of course - it’s just for tidiness. And laziness. And fun.

Ah I see … but not that I know of :frowning:

Thanks anyway, Mark. Sorry to have troubled you.


The command wmctrl has the ability to specify both the size and position of the current terminal (or indeed, any window) on the screen.
It works well.