setting up firefox keeps going off line

Hello could mark help I’ve got ubuntu 11.04 now if you remember I had the good operating system I went into network tab on another program and pressed test port it returned port closed

I’ll try to help, but you’ll have to give me a bit more info than “firefox keeps going off line”…

  1. How does the PC connect to the web ?
    PC → Wireless router → Internet

  2. Is it a wireless connection that keeps dropping out ?

  3. What was the program you mentioned that returned Port Closed ? … Transmission by any chance ?

  4. Can you send the output from:

sudo lshw -C network

I’m going to take a stab in the dark here… Is Fireox only “going off line” when you are downloading torrents with Transmission (or another torrent client) ?

If so, you need to limit your Upload and Download speeds in Transmissions preferences.

If I was correct about it being Transmission (or another torrent client) that mentioned “Port Closed” when you hit the “Test Port” button… You may want to give the PC a static IP, then (in your router) forward the port mentioned in Transmission>Preferences to that IP… though this is probably unnecessary.

If I’m right, I cannot suggest any speed settings for Transmission without (at least) knowing your internet connection up/down speeds.

My Transmission settings (as a starting point) -

Limit download speed (KiB/s): 500
Limit upload speed (KiB/s): 40 ← speeded up when nobody is using the interweb to unlimited

Maximum peers per torrent: 100
Maximum peers overall: 240

firefox is permently offline, I know it might be DHCP but I can’t find the setting for that

Right click the NetworkManager icon on the top bar (or enter nm-connection-editor in a terminal)… when NetworkManager opens, select your connection and click Edit

Select the IPv4 tab.

DHCP is listed as a Method: