Sexy Mobo - Donations welcome :P

just come across this beast and omg i want it

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totally overkill but damn think of the power (not thinking of the cost lol)

this board is a gamers dream

Mmm, cost’s more than my entire machine!

fyi; I’m using AMD Phenom II X4’s @ 3.2G in everything now … they kick the crap out of everything else I’ve tried. A single core (out of 4) will beat one of my old rack mount servers hands down. (Dell SC1425 , 4 core Xeon @ 2.8G)

It’s “so” quick I leave my workstation in powersave CPU mode … most of the time the CPU runs at 800MHz and I’m none the wiser (!) , Oh, and they’re only £125 !! [ASUS mobo to match is ~ £60]

Just for fun ( :slight_smile: ) the forum is running off two servers called “wp2” and “php1”, if you watch the foot of the screen you’ll see which server generated the page and how long it took.

One server is a single core virtual server with 512Mb RAM on an AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.2GHz, the other is a physical server, Dell SC1425 with twin dual Core Xeon’s (4-core, 2-processor) @ 2.8GHz and 8Gb RAM. ‘php1’ is dedicated to the linux forums, ‘wp2’ is servicing ~ 10 other sites.

Today’s quiz: which machine is which ?

I’m going to guess that the Dell is garfing the PHP1’s pages at 1000 trillaburbs a second on all 4 cores then pining the back of the Phenoms secondary cache in PRBLL format for conversion into CaSRP-II which WP2 can access directly across the system bus thus raising the Mendal coefficient to allow servicing by the load balancing functions of the NARN server.


So Dell must = PHP1

Did I get it right? … I’m trying my hardest to learn this stuff.


On average wp2 is slightly quicker … and to be fair if you put many concurrent requests through, the Dell pulls a little back, but even then (with for example “ab -c4”) the AMD’s still at least 2.5x each Dell core …

The 5 “core” servers everything sits on are similar boxes to my workstation … each box costs ~ £650 (all in) including a 2U rack-mount case and rails. (this is with 8G RAM and 3TB of RAID5 disk)

Any ideas as to why the Phenoms cores seem so much more efficient than the Intels ?

Does that mean you’re decommissioning all those lovely dell servers we put in? :wink:

Any ideas as to why the Phenoms cores seem so much more efficient than the Intels ?

Yup. AMD are using the same core for their £125 Phenom’s as they use with their top-sped £900 Opteron’s, with only one difference (as far as I can see / the pundits say) which is that the Opteron’s have additional kit to handle SMP. So unless you want to put > 1 chip in your box, you’re getting a £900 chip for £125 … I thought this was a pretty cool catch. A few people said “yeah, but they must’ve brain damaged it in some way for the workstation market, it won’t perform” … I’m here to say they’re all wrong … :wink:

Does that mean you’re decommissionin g all those lovely dell servers we put in?

Erm, in Dec 2009 … PHP1 is the only one standing … (!)
I’ve a stack sat on the desk here if anyone wants some second hand rack mount servers (!)
(and some random AMD rack mounts, few PH1’s and various other bits and bobs … ebay one day … :slight_smile: )

If you want to PM me some prices, I’ll see if anyones interested, or you could just post the prices… would that create problems for the forum?

Urm, don’t think so … how about a “[pre-owned] Linux kit for sale” board?

or Linux Classifieds

[Paid] SMF Classifieds - A classifieds system for SMF. Supports Listings, Auctions, paid listings and more!



Mmm, I was thinking of just another board, but these look like pretty neat features!

Ok, gotta say the non-Free one looks pretty good … I see it’s ~ £50 to buy, any idea what the annual subscription is for updates?

As it doesn’t mention anything, I’m assuming after the first year you just buy it again if/when you ever want the updated version… like the purchasing model in the Windows world :slight_smile:

Can’t find an email address to check either.

here’s the answer to your question Mr penguin :slight_smile:

Oh that’s nice…! :o

Damn, imagine owning one of those.