Shut Down

I got Ubuntu Linux a few weeks ago and installed it ok. Looks good from what I have seen. However when I try and shut down, all I get is the black screen with a load of code lines on it and it will not go off. I have to disconnect the power supply from the computer each time. Please help as I am a new user.

Can you tell us a bit about your hardware… eg. make/model if a laptop, etc.

Does this turn it off… hold AltGr+SysRq, and whilst holding them hit the following keys in sequence, R E I S U O

can you also send the output from this command entered in a terminal:

sudo lshw -C network

Can you also tell us what the last thing (code line, as you put it) that’s displayed to screen when you try to shut down.

If you select “Restart” instead of “Shut Sown”, what happens ?

Does your BIOS have a disable ACPI feature ? … If so, does disabling ACPI make any difference ?