Site re-indexing underway

Ok, I’m saying underway, Bing indexed the site yesterday (all of it by the looks of things) which is pretty good in terms of response times, although I’m not sure if this was just a scan and we have to wait to appear in indexes / search results. Doesn’t look like Google has started yet.

Graph courtesy of the Discourse Dashboard :slight_smile:
Incidentally, that’s around 4,600 topics and 51,000 posts. Looks like it crawls entire topics at a time, which will pull down all posts in the topic thread.

Ok, starting to get a little bit of traction with Google, although they seem very slow on the uptake;

Conversely, Bing appeared to index the site almost immediately, however it doesn’t look like there are many (any?) linux users using Bing :astonished:

Hmm, this is going to take a while …