Size of the letters of "date" in the right corner up panel in Linux Mint 19.3

Hi Guys,
I am 70 years old and my eyes are not so good as before. The letters in my Linux Mint 19.3 running in my notebook Acer Nitro 5 is too smal. I wish I could see it as larger letters. How could I get it?

Hi nogueira13 - you might try this…

Right click within the panel area, then on Properties, click Expand, then increase the pixel number in the size box. Close the Panel Properties box. This should increase the size (depth) of the panel and the icon and text size within it. :wink: I have my panel size set to 40 pixels, for example. You can also choose where upon the screen you want your panel to be (orientation) - mine is at the bottom.


Ok, very thanks. It worked. I choose 16.0 pt.

You’re welcome :wink: