Sky Go - MS Silverlight - Moonlight not able to decrypt Sky Player

A group of my work colleagues and I have been discussing Sky and their policy of not supporting the Linux Operating System on their Sky Player and Sky Go platforms.
We have tried Moonlight and it is unable to decrypt the Silverlight codes to enable Sky platform videos to play.
We were wondering if anyone has been able to play Sky video on Linux / Ubuntu OS?
Or if anyone else is frustrated by this situation?

As a sky customer, yes I’m somewhat annoyed to be treated as a second rate citizen.

The only silver lining (semi-pun not intended) is that I don’t expect Silverlight to last much longer … even Microsoft seem to be switching to HTML5 and treating Silverlight as a “legacy” product.

As Mark said, as a Sky customer it annoys me we can’t have equal opportunities like Windows users do because of the operating system we use. IMO Silverllight is a failed technology and Sky should’ve embraced html5 instead.

Yet an other sky customer here.
At least there is one good news (sort of):

Sky has extended support for its Sky Go on-demand and streaming TV Android app to a further three Samsung smartphones, including the latest flagship Galaxy S III.

Oh… I have an S3… I’m sure I seen Sky Go on the market last night…

EDIT: Yup, Sky Go, Sky Map, Sky News & Sky Sport News is available. :stuck_out_tongue: