Skype still not working

Mark- the window/task bar on the netbook is the same as on the laptop, but seems to be deactivated. I cannot try to call anyone and even the echo sound test is not working.

You’ll have to be more descriptive than that …

Which Skype isn’t working … Peppermint or Mint ?

What colour is the panel icon ?

Mint on the netbook. The panel icon is green and ticked the same as with the laptop.

And what happens if you click the green Skype icon ?

I swear to *&@6@!!!.. that it was not working at all yesterday and tried every ruddy setting going and today clicked on the test service and it is working now. Very very odd. ???

It could just be that either the skype service was down (or overloaded) or Mint is just too heavy for your netbook.

Could be Mark. Anyway, it worked- my Mum skyped me. As for Mint, well yes, have to get the new HD in first before I Peppermint little netbook. The next LUG meeting isn’t far off…

EDIT: However…this may be possible- what do you think?
If I save my folders onto the Maxtor portable HD, somehow save my bookmarks on the Maxtor ( so I don’t lose them), ask the PC man to put the new HD in ( he’s not a Linux user) then put in Peppermint myself- I still have files on the data stick.

then put in Peppermint myself

Up to you … no harm in trying right.

Would the sudo commands be the same as the ones you gave me doing the laptop? I wouldn’t want to type in commands and make a mess of it. :-[

Just gimme a shout when you’re ready.

I will thanks Mark- prob will be a few weeks yet as not got much work on at the mo so need to drum up some cash to pay the PC man for the install and HD.

Dinner time- my tummy is groaning and Cpt Kirk is waiting… ;D

… I have a sneaking suspicion that Skype may have been bought up by M$ … which might mean that over a period of time it may become more and more “Linux unfriendly”, although in this case Skype on Linux has always been a rather buggy product.

For what it’s worth, Google hangouts is a MUCH better solution, far more reliable and includes for free many features Skype charge for …

It’s working fine now Mad Penguin.

For now maybe … :wink: … did you know M$ wrote down a £5Bn loss on it’s purchase of Skype … jolly good purchase Mr Ballmer !!
(Google hangouts it still better … ;D )

I don’t trust Google either Mad Penguin!